Swap My Wardrobe Charity Event
3 March 2012 (Saturday), 2pm - 5pm

Do you always have so much to wear but ended up wearing the SAME clothing week after week? Bought THAT perfect dress on the hanger but wore only once? Or, you did not even wear it at all?

Join our inaugural chairty event with our image consultants.

Dress-Up Box
29 October 2011 (Saturday), 2pm - 5pm

Style of Nanjing
5 May 2011 (Thursday), 2pm - 5pm

A One-day training at Nanjing, China, organised by one of the beauty salons spanning over 2000sq ft.

This is my first training in Mandarin in China and it turned out better than I expected! Weather was around 15degrees so all I needed was a jacket suit!

I had prepared my capsule wardrobe (from my very own design label Audrey Quek) not knowing whom the participants were or even their size (except that they were all ladies)