A company's image is an aggregate of that of its staff. For non-uniformed staff, ensure they are conveying a consistent image of the branding you want to create for your organization. Give them the edge to outshine your competitors with a Capsule Wardrobe that matches your corporate culture. Empower your staff with the know-how of selecting the most flattering choice of colours with our U.S. based colour system 'Colour Me A Season' since 1976. The skills acquired through a highly customized workshop will leave positive lasting impressions on your clients by successfully creating a visual brand identity that differentiates your staff from competitors.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Develop Personal & Corporate Brand Identity
  • The Power of First Impressions
  • Identify Fatal Business Faux Pas
  • Create a Capsule Corporate Wardrobe to take your from Desk to Drinks
  • Discover flattering colour choices to create your visual brand identity
  • Learn Mix and Match according to 'Colour Me A Season' system
  • Gain the Competitive Edge through Wardrobe Communication & Dress Codes

Your staff in uniform is your company's immediate ambassadors – ensure the message they communicate to customers reflect your company's high standards and goals through our dynamic workshop which addresses appearance, smart uniform standards and visual poise and posture. An investment in this training ensures that the company's staff will be perceived in a way that reflects the company image crucial to company success, and, vitally, turn every potential contact into a contract.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Discover the Key Components of Winning Image for Uniform Staff
  • Assessment of individual frontline staff in Uniform
  • Recommend smart uniform style suited to the needs of your staff while projecting your corporate identity
  • Project Authority & Credibility through your Uniform
  • Acquire positive body language through deportment skills (from the way one stands, sits and walks) to influence customers positively
  • Enhance staff with image management and customer services skills
  • Acquire appropriate makeup and hairstyling skills to look presentable at the workplace

Unkempt hairdo or no make-up negatively impacts your influence in the office and with customers. Our simple and practical makeup demonstration and hands-on workshop shows your female staff the easy but clever way of presenting themselves professionally through fuss-free make-up and appropriate hairstyling.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Skincare Regime Must-have
  • Selecting the Best Colours for your Skin tone
  • Correct Use & Maintenance of Makeup Brushes
  • Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid
  • Step-by-step Hands-on Makeup Techniques
  • Finding the Best Hair Style Flattering to your Face Shape
  • DIY Hair Care - from Massage to Hair Pampering Recipes
  • Use of Hair Colour Chart to Determine your Best Colours
  • Ease of using Hairstyling Products & Accessories
  • Hairstyling Techniques for the Workplace (demo/hands-on)

Awkward introductions, weak handshakes, poor communication, ineffective meetings, and lack of consideration can negatively affect your career and business relationships. The skills acquired through our training will give you a poised and convincing manner taking you into any professional setting. When all else are equal, good manners can be your greatest strength.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Use of Effective Introductions & Greetings to impress others
  • Learn to Address VIPs, Seniors, External and Internal Personnel
  • Use Appropriate Handshakes & Exchanging Name card Across Cultures
  • Ways to Remember Names
  • Distinguish between Business & Social Etiquette
  • Principles of Professional Behaviour at the Workplace
  • Etiquette Excellence from the Boardroom to the Ballroom
  • Savvy Technological Etiquette

What you say and how you deliver it is crucial to your success. Effective communication is central to creating rapport with your listeners because if your message is not received positively, nothing will happen. Your presentation and movement, your body language, gestures, and your vocal dynamics are all broadcasting messages you may not even realize. Sharpen your communication skills to improve connectivity with your listeners in both formal and informal settings. This workshop offers valuable ways to help individuals and companies build confidence, convey authenticity and project a professional image.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:

  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Create Instant Rapport Building Skills
  • Test Your Communication Preference
  • Use of Tone of Voice to engage others
  • Learn to Capture Important Details: Refining Listening Techniques
  • Ask Relevant Questions: Effective Questioning Skills
  • Avoid The Dirty Dozen: The 12 Forbidden Phrases
  • Effective Communication with the 4A's

The Power of Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Employ various attention grabbing introductory strategies, effective transitions to create goodwill, and establish speaking credibility
  • Carefully crafted messages that influence and motivate audience
  • Persuade the audience with supporting facts and examples
  • Avoid distracting speech habits
  • Design captivating conclusions which signal the end, reinforce the central idea and leave a lasting impression

  • Mastering Body Language with Effective Gestures to make your speeches interesting
  • Use of Visual, Poise & Posture to display your confidence & charisma
  • Connection & Eye Contact
  • Palm & Body Gestures: What are you signaling?
  • Understanding Culture & Customs to avoid conflicts

"You are not just what you eat but how you eat." Business relationships and deals are often sealed or strengthened over a dining table. Mastering the art of fine dining will enhance your confidence, without the embarrassment of fumbling through fancy cutlery. This practical workshop offers businesses and individuals to learn world-class dining skills and at the same time enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Complex Dining Demystified from identifying place setting to navigating cutlery
  • Learn to work your way from a 4-course Western meal to a 10-course banquet
  • Acquire tips on eating difficult food from Portobello mushroom, spaghetti, prawns, shell dish etc
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Host and Guest
  • Strategic Seating Arrangements from Business to Parties
  • Business & Social Entertaining
  • Posture and Poise at the Table
  • Cross Cultural Dining Differences

Do you shy away from networking events because you feel uncomfortable and awkward with strangers? How often have you gone to a networking event and realised you end up hanging on to those you are familiar with? Or just end up eating and drinking at one corner? This session addresses areas such as creating an elevator speech to appropriate opening lines, tips to connect with anyone, using positive body language to remembering names. Empower yourself with these skills and work your way graciously around the room to differentiate yourself from the rest and be remembered!

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Start a meaningful conversation with appropriate opening lines
  • Use of name card as a conversational starter
  • Be a successful networking conversationalist: What to talk, how to step into a conversation and exit graciously
  • Techniques of engaging others to remembering other's names
  • How to handle cocktail food and hors d'oeuvres
  • Gender Demeanor
  • Wine/Toasting Etiquette
  • Follow- through networking skills

You deserve to look and feel your best each day – our effective 1 to 1 consultation will empower you with the life skills and expertise to help you achieve image sophistication, giving you the edge in business and social settings at all times.

Whether you are a domestic goddess, corporate high-flyer, fresh out-of-school, juggling roles of mother, wife, and employee, seeking a life-partner or re-entering the workforce, we empathize with the heavy demands on your emotions and schedule - hence we at Audrey Quek Image Consultancy have taken a practical approach that will ensure your life will be enriched with beauty, clothes you love and a fashion style other women will be jealous of! Celebrate your Success with our individual consultation from Image 1 to 5.


    A Personalised Colour Consultation using U.S. based colour system 'Colour Me A Season' Multi-Colour Fabric Draping Exercise to discover your Most Flattering Colour Choices from Clothings to Makeup. Receive a personalized colour wheel and fan so you never need to worry about mixing and matching colours to impress others!


    An Individualised Style Consultation to determine your Body Type and apply dressing principles to balance body proportions and camouflage common figure challenge. Includes Recommended Styles of Clothing for your Body Type and Wardrobe Personality with Practical Applications. Let your individualistic style and chic be the envy of every woman! Receive a personalized portfolio of analysis to keep as a reference guide.


    A Make-up Consultation incorporating Skin Care & Hands-on Make-up from Desk to Drinks. Discover your best colours, use correct techniques and avoid makeup mistakes to look stunning at all times! Receive a skincare and makeup starter kit to begin your path to a more radiant complexion and beautiful makeover.


    A Visit to our Hairstylist and receive a Personalised Hair Consultation from our expert hair colorist and stylist. See the transformation of a new flattering hair design for your face shape and learn tips to maintain your crowning glory with suitable hair products and accessories.


    Shop Smart with our Personal Shopper to maximize your shopping budget at your preferred shopping malls. Increase your mileage in shopping by learning to purchase the right colours and style of clothing and accessories to build a Capsule Wardrobe. Make every shopping trip a dollar stretching trip!

In the Gentlemen's Wardrobe, it is the small details such as the cut and fit of your clothes that will make or break your outfit. Gone are the days where men are only concerned about wardrobe basics as they move into the stylish age of dressing. Attend our personalized consultation to discover your best colours, correct fit and style for your body type and profession, updating trends or simply shopping to get a wardrobe makeover.


    A Personalised Colour Consultation using U.S. based colour system 'Colour Me A Season' Multi-Colour Fabric Draping Exercise to discover your Most Flattering Colour Choices from Shirts, Ties to Cufflinks/Accessories. Receive a personalized colour wheel and fan so you never need to worry about mixing and matching colours to impress others!


    An Individualised Style Consultation to discover your physique to select your winning attire from shirts, collars, pants, jackets to shoes and accessories. Discover your Wardrobe Personality and build a cost-effective Wardrobe to fit your lifestyle from formal to business casual with Practical Applications. Start making smart choices to stand out from your competition! Receive a personalized portfolio of analysis to keep as a reference guide.


    Shop Smart with our Personal Shopper to maximize your shopping budget at your preferred shopping malls. Increase your mileage in shopping by learning to purchase the right colours, correct fit and style of clothing and accessories to build a Capsule Wardrobe. Make every shopping trip a dollar stretching trip!

Give your children a head start in life by letting them acquire fine behavior etiquette for conducting themselves well at school, home or in public. Starting young means basic social graces will come naturally to them by the time they are ready to enter the workforce, giving them an advantage over their peers. Our program will help build their self-esteem, increase confidence, and improve their social interaction skills.

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Importance of Skincare, Haircare & Personal Hygiene
  • Learn to Dress for their Body Type
  • Dressing Appropriately for the Various Occasions
  • How to Interact with Friends, Parents and Teachers
  • Everyday Social Graces & Etiquette - at Home and in Public
  • The Attitude of Gratitude
  • Telephone & Cellphone Etiquette
  • The Art of Dining and handling difficult food
  • Visual Poise & Posture to convey Confidence & Charisma
  • Writing Thank You Note

Key Aspects plus Practical Application:
  • Learn to Pick your Winning Interview Suit flattering to your Body Type
  • The Key Components of a Winning Image
  • Creating your First Wardrobe for work that Won't Bust your Budget
  • The Winning Formula to Sway Interviewers Positively
  • How to Stand Out from your Peers and Make an Impact
  • Dress Codes for the Workplace from Formal to Business Casual

In addition to image seminars for the administrative and teaching staff of education institutions, we also impart complete training workshops on grooming, etiquette, deportment, and communication to teachers, lecturers, and professors, who in turn would be able to continue or maintain the same standards of instruction and advice to their students.

Contact us for a customized program for your graduating students or individual consultation

Our creative image services for events such as contests, talent quests, fashion shows, or beauty pageants include:

  • Deportment Training
  • Auditioning of Contestants
  • Makeovers for Fashion Shows
  • Fashion Styling Talks
  • Pageant/ Event Organiser
  • Choreography
  • Guest Judge/Master of Ceremony

Past successful event partnerships have included:

  • SKII – A Curvier You 2010
  • Brides of the World 2010
  • NUS Career Prep Carnival 2010
  • SPH My Sassy Workshop 2009
  • My Paper & Lancaster Beauty Secret Workshop 2008
  • Emirates Singapore Derby Cup 2007/2009
  • Teenage Magazine - Teenage Icon 2005/2008
  • Junction 8 Mall/Capitaland - My Lovely Mum 2008
  • Ms Veet Standout Challenge 200
  • MediaCorp Ch 8 - Star Idol 2005
  • Giant Hypermart - Giant Star 2005 to 2007
  • Miss Singapore Universe 2005-2007
  • Jean Yip/MediaCorp - Jean Yip Beautiful 25
  • Giant Hypermart Giant Star 2005-2007
  • The New Paper - New Face 2000/2006